Truck Driver Checklist Logbook EWD

10 Things Every Truck Driver Needs To Have In Their Cabin

When you are on the road for days at a time, anything and everything can go wrong. That is why we have compiled a list of all the essential items to make your trip as smooth as possible! 

  • A mobile phone in a secure phone-mount with a charger.

  • In today's society your phone is basically an extension of your arm, and we all know that horrible feeling when we forget it. That's why it's number one on our list! However, it is important to ensure that when you are driving your phone is secure in a mount, and that you always have your charger with you. The last thing you want to be doing is paying an exorbitant price for a phone charger at a petrol station...

  • An Electronic Work Diary 
  • As a truck driver, maintaining your NHVR required fatigue records is pivotal to your job. Converting to an Electronic work Diary (EWD) or Electronic Logbook does not only make it easier but also reduces fatigue breaches and potential fines! And… it’s one less thing to carry.

  • Notices that must legally be carried
  • NHVR may require you to carry additional paperwork on top of your Logbook. It is important to remain up to date and knowledgeable around requirements. See here all the required permits and notices required by the NHVR.

  • A First Aid kit
  • In case of an emergency on the road, it pays to have a good first aid kit. Make sure you keep your supplies up-to-date and that they're easy access in case of emergency! There is nothing worse than being injured on the road and not having the supplies to get you through. 

  • A spare tyre and jack
  • A spare tyre and jack are essential. Who wants to waste time and wait around for roadside assistance? Being able to change your tire will save you both time and money. 

  • Jumper cables
  • Just like the tyre and jack,with Jumper cables - you may not think you need them… until you do. It may not even be for your own use. But hey, there's nothing like the feeling of helping someone out and making their day! You'll be surprised at how many drivers get stuck in rural places. Being equipped to help someone out, can make not only your day but their day too.

  • Snacks!
  • Being out on the road so much can make it difficult to eat healthy. Having a good stash of healthy snacks will eliminate your craving for that greasy meat pie. For sweet tooths,having an adequate supply of snacks will keep you from paying those costly regional petrol station prices!!

  • High vis
  • Having a high vis vest is essential on the road. You never know what's around the bend or what situations you might find yourself in. If you need to stop somewhere in the middle of the night or have a flat tire, a high vis vest will ensure all drivers can see you on the road. 

  • Backup sunglasses
  • There is nothing worse than the sun shining in your eyes as you're driving down the highway! We suggest you always carry a backup pair of sunnies for the times where you accidentally sit on, step on or lose your favorite sunnies.

  • Photo of home.
  • When you are away from your loved ones, it is one of the hardest parts about being a truck driver. But having a photo that reminds us why we do this will help keep our spirits up and remind you why you are doing this. 

    Hopefully you have found some ideas on how to make your next journey safer and more comfortable. Quallogi is always looking to make drivers’ experience easier. With our EWD (or electronic logbook) we are saving the day! , Simply download Q now from the Appstore or Play store for your NHVR approved 60 day free trial. Remove the stress of managing your fatigue with Q.