Q-Start is your fatigue planner tool, that allows you to manage all your rest and driver times, so you are ready to hit the road.

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At Quallogi we believe in making drivers’ lives easier by removing the hassle of managing your fatigue compliance. That is why we have made the process of fatigue planning as simple as possible!

Plan when you are going to take your rest breaks and ensure it complies with your fatigue scheme, to ensure you are compliant. A fatigue planner will give you the reassurance that your fatigue compliance needs are met, so you never have to stress again about your fatigue requirements again.

Fatigue is a leading cause of major accidents involoving heavy vehicle drivers, with 20 - 30% of road fatalities and 8% of serious injuries caused by fatigue. ensuring you have an efficient fatigue management plan, is crucial to keeping you and your drivers safe.

Trying to make calculations to work out when you need to rest and for how long can be stressful, so plan your journey with Q-Start, your fatigue planner.