5 Benefits of Using An EWD

5 Benefits of Using An EWD

It's no secret that EWD’s are the future of the Heavy Vehicle Industry. The new way of recording work and rest hours will drastically change the way drivers manage fatigue, and are believed to increase safety on the roads. We break down the benefits of how this digital transformation can improve work days for drivers and fleet managers.

1. Cheaper than a Written Work Diary 

Driving to purchase your work diary, pens and rulers are all extra costs and time spent before you can perform your job. Not to mention all those times you may have lost pens which resulted in being held up. This all-precious time could be spent on more important things. Completing an electronic work diary means the diary is always ready to go on your device with no need for preparation proving a major benefit when it comes to time management.

2. Eliminates the risk of errors

When filling out a paper work diary it can be easy to overlook errors and perform mis calculations. With an EWD, the app does all the thinking for you and ensures the accuracy of each work diary entry, because Q provides warnings and alerts of potential breaches before they occur. Records will be filled out correctly and there is no need to go back and double check mistakes! Not only will this save you time, it will reduce stress for you and the people checking your diaries, making your life a whole lot easier.  

3. Increased safety monitoring

With the digitisation of work diaries, data and location can be tracked and captured with real-time availability of driver information such as incidents and breaches. Segmenting Electronic Work Diaries from Paper Work Diaries by capturing driver performance, fleet managers and drivers can be held responsible for unsafe performance as well as featuring a real-time response call out in an emergency.

4.Reduces your administrative burden

With the ability to use Q by Quallogi on any device, Written Work Diaries along with pens and rulers are now deemed unnecessary items in the cabin. A lightweight and cost effective smartphone and the Q app will save you time with fast and efficient workflows and automatic data collection. Let’s be honest, ruling a graph can be time consuming and frustrating. We have programmed the EWD to take this task off your hands and free up more time for driving.

5. Improves fatigue risk management

Accuracy of rest and work hours are crucial when it comes to fatigue management and safer driving. Electronic Work Diaries provide a better system for recording hours with simpler ways of trapping more accurate time to any fatigue scheme and can be customised with unique business rules to provide company specific fatigue management. With a digital approach you can access data on or off the job as well as allowing fleet managers to monitor any alerts or breaches in real-time.

Q by Quallogi is NHVR approved and available to download on the App store or Google Play store. Get in contact with us today if you would like to know more about EWD’s or Q by Quallogi!