A world of convenience - Liam Neeson

A world of convenience - Liam Neeson

Very few actors in this world have the deep, sensitive and authentic charm of Liam Nesson, who is not just a famous Irish movie icon, but also… you guessed it - our famous truckie no. 8. Before becoming this theater and movie sensession he is today, Liam was a lorry truck driver for Guiness. Beer trucks are certainly cool! But do you know what has four wheels, no wings and flies?? A rubbish truck. And did you hear what happened to the box that fell off the LEGO truck last wednesday? Authorities are still trying to piece everything together.

What is the last thing you want to do when driving from place to place with a truck full of goods or industrial waste? If it is related to filling out any sort of paperwork or explaining your handwriting to patrol officers than this next piece is for you: 

‘Q’ is a 100% electronic work diary. It easily traps your shift start, break and end data. It stores your odometer data, allows you to report any faults with your truck, undertake pre-start checks and stay compliant with any legal requirements including speed, weight and fatigue.
Q is NHVR approved and therefore works together with or 100% as a replacement to your Written work diary. Q fits in your pocket and follows you around like a best friend. 

And if this is not enough to convince you to move from paper to glass, then you should also know that Q is equipped with a Next Gen GPS and works together with your truck's cameras. 

Q is tailored for the truck driver and allows for maximum convenience, flexibility and freedom. With Q you have the power! You are in control! And you can be stress-free like never before.

Call us for your free demo today and enjoy a world of convenience.