Green Trucking - Small steps to Being an Environmentally Friendly Trucker

Green Trucking - Small steps to Being an Environmentally Friendly Trucker

Going green and truck driving don’t tend to go hand in hand. When you think of trucking, the large vehicles and fuel consumption scream “pollution.” However, being an environmentally-friendly trucker can be as simple as making a few small changes, (or bigger changes if you are thinking of purchasing a new electric truck). The options are endless... 

One of the simplest methods of becoming eco-friendly is maintaining your truck. Taking care of your truck has been proven to reduce carbon monoxide emissions and increase fuel efficiency - making your truck and your business operation greener and more sustainable.

Making environmentally conscious decisions with food and packaging is another way you can help our environment. The most disposed item by truck drivers in Australia is the good old coffee cup. There is a simple change that can have a large effect -simply use a reusable coffee cup. Not always the easiest when you are out on the road with no access to wash your cup…, however with a little effort this can make a huge difference.

Going paperless is one of the easiest ways you can help. Using an electronic log-book or Electronic Work Diary (EWD), not only helps the environment but also helps your hip pocket! Quallogi’s EWD helps remove the need to chop down trees to manage your fatigue, by using the phone in your pocket! On top of this there is no need to worry about storing your paper diaries as it's all done in the app. If the environmental aspect has not convinced you, it can also save you money! With real-time voice alerts it is virtually impossible to make a fatigue breach. And decreased breaches results in decreased fines and more money in your pocket. 

The most expensive way truck drivers can help the environment is by purchasing an electric truck. Yes, this may seem extreme if you have no need for a new truck at the moment… But why not consider an electric truck next time you need to make a new purchase? Electric trucks not only help the environment with reduced air pollution, but can reduce transport costs through decreased fuel consumption!

We understand that you care about your home and want to help the environment even when you are on the road. So why not start today by making your first little step with an electronic EWD by Quallogi and save some trees? 

If you have any questions regarding how to make the switch to an electronic logbook (EWD) feel free to reach out on 03 9784 9494