Heart Break Hotel - Elvis Presley

Heart Break Hotel - Elvis Presley

Today’s famous truckie is the ultimate heart-breaker, also known as ‘The King of Rock’ - Elvis Presley. Trusted resources say that he was not only good at breaking hearts - but apparently at truck-driving too!
And, as a newly established hobby, we are going to insert a few Truck jokes right HERE - 

What do Elvis and your fleet have in common? - You both have a pick-up line. “The Yellow Rose of Texas” is a song Elvis wrote about a lady he fell in love with, who was from Texas. Texas is known for not having U-Haul trucks. Do you know why? - It’s because they have Yee-Haw! trucks instead…

Oh, Elvis...

It may not be a well known fact, but Elvis was more than just another talented pretty-face that happened to be born at the right place and at the right time. He was also a great collector of smart punchlines! Here are some examples of his quotes “We can’t build our dreams on suspicious minds” and “Truth is like the sun - You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin away”. 

So, if the dream was a democratised industry, and if the truth was that democratising the transport industry was possible, achievable and necessary - here you have it folks - ‘Q’ is a tool that, we believe, The King of Rock (and trucks) would have been very very proud of!

What are some things that you absolutely hate about your job in transport? Is it being overworked? Not having a good break? Breaching speed limits you didn’t even know existed? Or maybe it’s the down-right crazy amount of paperwork that came with it? Your shift start, shift end, rest breaks taken, KM driven? - and lots of other things that had to be manually calculated and drawn by hand in a heavy paper booklet? Maybe it’s more the fact that the inspectors used to fine you for not understanding your handwritten notes? Whatever it was - It’s gone!

‘Q’ brings the power to the driver! Q is digital, easy to use and fits in your pocket. Q is an Electronic Work Diary (EWD). Q is NHVR approved and is the best addition to your truck! Q traps your time for you. Q easily traps your ODO and your breaks, allows you to complete pre-starts and report faults. Q is your best friend on the road and will let you know when you are breaching a regulation. Q comes with Next Gen GPS solutions and links to your cameras! 

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