How do you like your bat? - Chevy Chase

How do you like your bat? - Chevy Chase

This is going to make you laugh… our 4th Famous truckie is no other than the comedian and actor Chevy Chase. Do you remember the scene from the Three Amigos where Lucky Day (Steve Martin) asks Dusty Bottoms (Chevy) “Dusty, how do you like your bat?” and Dusty says “Medium rare.”? Obviously back in 1986 they did not hear of Covid-19!


We don’t know if Chevy got his humorous charge from driving an 18-wheeler along the long American roads, but what we do know is that using paper-work-diaries in the 21 century is nearly as crazy as Chase himself.

As an avid supporter of a good joke and making sure our technology isn't a joke , Q comes to replace old paper systems and ensure that truck drivers can laugh a little more, and have a lot more freedom!

Q is a 100% NHVR approved electronic logbook that is cost effective, quick, efficient, driver-focused and intuitive. And it works on Apple and Android devices.

With Q, every driver is in control and has the freedom to be compliant without the headaches! Q fits in your pocket - no pens, pencils or dockets needed! No paper, no booklets, no writing and all those nasty fatigue calculations are taken care of.

Q allows a truck driver to complete pre-starts, report vehicle faults, quickly record your start, finish and break time and get handy reminders and notifications along the way.

Do you manage a fleet? Do you want to know where your trucks are at any given time and manage your drivers safety breaches better? Try Q! Discover how compliance can be made easy! and it's priced to allow owner drivers to own their own fatigue data, not the company, but with the flexibility, so they can easily share when needed across the industry. Now that's Chevy Chase cheeky!