How To Use a NHVR Logbook

How To Use a NHVR Logbook

NHVR has requirements for heavy vehicle drivers to manage their fatigue. Fatigue can be managed under different plans or schemes, such as Standard, AFM and BFM. Each scheme has its own set of rules, and you, the driver, are responsible for ensuring this fatigue is managed correctly. 

An NHVR Logbook or Written Work Diary (WWD) is the traditional method of managing fatigue compliance. These paper diaries need to be purchased at resellers such as VIC roads every 100 shifts. Then when it comes to filling out the page, each shift you must be very careful to ensure all your calculations are correct, spelling is correct and you meet all your fatigue requirements for your given scheme. Not only is this near impossible to get right every time, it is also time consuming and stressful. One simple spelling mistake can result in a fine from a NHVR officer.

Luckily there is an alternative…   

Electronic Work Diaries (EWD), or electronic Logbooks do all the hard work for you! All EWD’s must be NHVR approved to ensure they meet requirements.

Quallogi has created the driver’s EWD - an NHVR approved application that manages your fatigue directly from your phone.

First of all, you don’t need to head down to a reseller to purchase your diary… Quallogi’s EWD can be downloaded straight from the App Store or Play Store.

The application tells you when you need to rest and when you can resume work. It also has a simple to use interface and real time voice alerts. Simply select the fatigue scheme you drive to and the application will do all the work for you. Never make a spelling mistake again! This significantly reduces the need of dealing with fatigue breaches and paying fines. To rest or start working is a simple click of a button, no tricky calculations needed. 

When it comes to sending off your ‘yellow copy’ or records - this can be done directly through the application.

It’s time to draw the line on your WWD!

When comparing Quallogi to our competitors, our biggest advantage is that we only charge you for the shifts you use! At Quallogi we like to keep it simple and fair. No monthly premiums! If you only do 10 shifts one month - that is all you pay. 

Completing NHVR log books has never been easier! Shift to the Quallogi’s EWD app today!

If you are still not convinced, why not try it with our 60-day NHVR approved FREE trial?