Murphy's Law - Charles Bronson

Murphy's Law - Charles Bronson

‘Murphy’s Law’ is a satirical statement meaning that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. It’s also the name of an American action movie, with a protagonist police detective by the name Jack Murphy played by an ex Lorry Driver - Charles Bronson.

Did you know that this famous movie star once used to drive a truck just like you?

In this short series we plan to introduce some of the World’s most famous truckies and we hope to parallel these stories with some conversation about how ‘Q’ by Quallogi can provide a fresh approach to managing your transport obligations and could just be that stepping stone to a better industry as a whole!

How many times can you recall nodding off while driving or getting pulled over by an officer? How many times have you faced the consequences of not being compliant? How many times have you had to deal with goods not being secured properly, or getting stuck with your truck in the middle of nowhere, because it “just broke down”, or missing a delivery because the paperwork was out of order? - All of these things only happened because they could. Because the likelihood or probability of them taking place was higher than the probability of them not happening - where probability was increased because someone hedged or gambled, “wrong” wouldn’t happen. 

In 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the NHVR commenced its first prosecution under the Chain of Responsibility laws. And since then, more and more companies have come under the regulator’s investigation and many have been issued warnings and improvement notices. 

Murphy’s Law is aptly named because the person who walks a “lightning Ridge” in the middle of the storm deserves to get struck by lightning. How is this different to carrying 60 Tonnes, knowing something wasn't quite right?

The regulators are ensuring that measures are taken by companies to minimise and control the probability of things going wrong in the Heavy Transport industry. They want to avoid Murphy's Law! 

And the good news - the regulators have allowed a technological shift to place the power of control in the hands of the operators. Electronic work diaries are the first real step towards a democratised, interconnected transport industry which is a step towards revolutionising and democratising the transport industry!

Are you struggling with too much paperwork? Did you consider switching to an approved ewd?

Would you like to learn more about an electronic logbook that is an NHVR approved EWD? Did you know that the ewd price is cost effective and using an electronic work diary is easy and convenient?