'Q' by Quallogi - Sean Connery

'Q' by Quallogi - Sean Connery

Here comes something that we are 100% sure you did not see coming. Our 3rd Famous truckie is no other than Sean Connery - or as we all better know him “Bond. James Bond!”.
It’s completely true! Before becoming an actor and a sex symbol, Seanny-boy worked as a labourer, a coffin-polisher and a truck driver! We would hire him! Would you?  

There are many things that can drive any driver mad. Little daily tasks that are legally required, but can be extremely fiddly and time consuming. We are talking about things like manually writing in your paper diary your start, finish and break time, or completing paper equipment pre-start checks and Fit for Work or Covid declarations. We mean… c'mon… it’s the 21st century… haven’t we passed the evolutionary phase of rock, paper, scissors yet? 

Quallogi understood the need for change and drew a clear target. We wanted to save truck drivers from having to go through the daily pain of unnecessary and time-consuming paper-based administration in a way that can help any fleet meet the CoR requirements of the NHVR. The trigger on our Walter PPK was pulled and Q was shot right into the world of iOS and Android. 

NHVR Certified and conveniently available on any mobile phone, Q saves you the hassle of doing things the old way. Less stress, less pain, better choices and freedom have never been so close at hand… 

Enjoy the world of next gen GPS, Custom digital pre-starts, a user interface designed for drivers and a flexibility like never before! 

Are you struggling with too much paperwork? Why wouldn't you consider switching to an approved EWD?

Learn more about our EWD (electronic work diary or electric logbook) that is an NHVR approved and works on Apple Devices and IOS ? Did you know that our EWD price is better value than swapping AU dollars to British Pounds?