Q The Applause

Q The Applause

The release of approved EWD's in the market has orchestrated a range of opinions around the new alternative to the written work diary. Although the long list of benefits is evident it is only natural to see reluctance and scepticism when it comes to a big change in the industry, like the EWD's.
Q by Quallogi is one of the latest EWD's to be added to the list of NHVR approved electronic work diaries and is available on Android and IOS providing the most cost effective (best value) and easiest (Android & IOS) ways to move to an EWD.
Q is often required to answer some of the most common concerns and queries that interested parties have had about EWD's. Lets clear up any confusion! 


What if the automatic location picked up is incorrect?

So long as location is available on the device, the Q app will get it right. If for a strange reason it was incorrect there will be a text box where you can manually change it and override the location picked up by the app.


Can I use both a WWD and EWD?

Yes, you are able to swap between these if you are working for different companies or jobs, however you must nominate in the EWD the method of capturing your work and rest hours and carry both with you while driving. If you are moving from a WWD you must carry it as evidence for the first 30 days.


Can I make alterations to recorded hours on my EWD?

Yes, as long as all the information is correct and confirmed, including a signature of declaration, just like a written diary, you can alter and adjust records as needed. Plus its super easy without the need for an eraser !


What is the price difference between a Written Work Diary and EWD?

Q by Quallogi costs less than the written work diary when you consider the costs of buying a WWD, time taken to drive to local authorities and purchase and the ongoing costs of buying all those pens that fall down the back of the seat in the cabin.


If you have any further questions that we haven't answered or would like to get in contact with us message us through our website or email us at hello@quallogi.com.