Q Vision

Q Vision is the most advanced AI capable and cost effective driver training and vehicle management system in the industry.
It has a range of features including:
  • Multi-camera installations for forward, driver, and side facing event capture
  • Simple installation and remote camera configurations
  • Tamper-proof hardware to reduce SIM and SD card removal
  • GPS tracking with real-time vehicle location
  • Driver Monitoring System (DMS) to detect drowsiness and distraction
  • Facial recognition for driver authentication
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to notify management of real-time road safety breaches
  • Integrated event driven alerts with resolution management
  • Trip playback with time lapse to provide protection against false accident claims
  • In-cabin driver training by AI safety assistant
  • Driver panic button for emergency situations
  • Automatic data capture and storage to the cloud

Click on the video below for more information on Q Vision.