Q's Journey to NHVR Approval

Q's Journey to NHVR Approval


Fourteen years ago the Autolync Group launched Australia’s first pilot for an Electronic Work Diary (EWD) with a quarry fleet based in Queensland via their transport division Fleet Effect. 

Fast forward to May 14th 2021, Quallogi recently achieved EWD approval, signed by Sal Petroccitto, CEO of the NHVR, marking a historical milestone. 

Q by Quallogi’s unusual name is a Portmanteau; a combination of Quality and Logistics to create a new representation of what an Electronic Work Diary serves.

John Tsoucalas, telematics and transport software specialist says
"Q by Quallogi is an application targeted to all operators in heavy transport industry and built to "shake-up" the market. It's a brand new build for Android and IOS and our 5th generation and most advanced EWD. With mobile devices in every driver’s pocket and majority of fleets, there is no reason everyone can't remove the paper diary"

Q by Quallogi has been made for everyone, from owner drivers and labour hire to small sub-contractors and large company fleets, providing all the essentials a fleet operator needs to manage fatigue, licensing, certificates, speed, location, pre-starts, fault reporting and more.

Kynection and Quallogi Co-Founder Courtney Smith states
"We built Q to be Australia's most simple and cost effective EWD; to ease the burden of moving away from a written work diary easily. Q version one has been built 'ground up' as a 'mobile first' CoR application, with NHVAS compliance built in. We know the industry has been asking for an interoperable platform for managing supply chain safety, particularly fatigue and maintenance and we thank NHVR for our recent approval and for leading the way to a new digital transport industry. Get ready there's many more announcements to come shortly”.

Download the free trial and try it today! Or contact hello@quallogi.com if you have more than one driver to manage or any questions or queries.