Reducing NHVR fines with EWDs

Reducing NHVR fines with EWDs

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) enforces strict regulations on the trucking industry to ensure the safety of all road users. The NHVR fines trucking companies and drivers for non-compliance with these regulations, which can be costly! Fatigue hours are the area drivers are hit the hardest with fines for no-compliance.

Work diaries or logbooks are used to record the hours of work and rest that truck drivers must take, to comply with the regulations, regardless of the scheme they are under. With Traditional paper work diaries, known as paper log books or Written Work Diaries (WWD), it is easy to make errors in calculations and spelling mistakes, which can result in significant fines.

The solution to this issue is the introduction of Electronic Work Diaries (EWDs) or Electronic Logbooks in the Australian trucking market. Quallogi is an NHVR approved EWD app that tracks the hours of work and rest of truck drivers, notifying you of when you need to rest and when to resume driving.This reduces the risk of human error and improves compliance with work and rest hour regulations.

There are many benefits to the EWD including:

  • Real time voice alerts of potential breaches
  • Removes the need for pencil and ruler
  • Minute by minute rest breaks
  • No more calculation errors 
  • No need to memorise your scheme requirements
  • No spelling errors
  • Makes it almost impossible to breach
  • Send off your ‘yellow copy’ directly from your app
  • Licensing management
  • real-time monitoring and tracking of a truck's location and status

Finally, the use of EWDs can also help to improve the overall safety of the Australian trucking industry. By ensuring compliance with work and rest hours, truck drivers are less likely to experience fatigue and are more able to concentrate while driving, reducing the risk of accidents on the road.

The introduction of EWDs in the Australian trucking market is a positive step towards improving compliance with work and rest hour regulations, reducing the number of fines from the NHVR. EWDs provide a cost-effective solution for trucking companies looking to improve compliance, increase safety, and reduce the risk of fines.

Electronic Work Diaries such as Quallogi, in Australian Trucking, is a significant step towards reducing NHVR fines and improving compliance in line with work and rest hour regulations. By eliminating the need for manual entries and providing real-time monitoring and tracking, EWDs are helping trucking companies operate more efficiently and reduce the risk of non-compliance and fines..