Stand-up, Choice and Tech - Richard Pryor

Stand-up, Choice and Tech - Richard Pryor

Today’s famous truckie is Richard Pryor. An actor and a comedian listed by the Rolling Stone as one of the top 50 best stand-up comedians of all time. Before becoming a comedy legend, Richard did what? - You guessed it! - Drove a truck!

And on that note, let us tell you a joke about paper! - Although… nevermind - it’s tearable! If you list a page in your diary would you lose your sheet? One more, one more… What do you call a bunch of papers that belong to an ex partner? - Ex-Files! 

Not as good as Richard? Well… comedy might not be our stage. But you know what is? - Technology and business automation is our stage! Making your business run smoothly, safely and effectively is our stage… Creating customer delight by letting you and your drivers win more free time, operate in comfort, breathe with ease and come home safe without touching even one piece of paper - this is our stage! This is what we are here for…

Do you know why we support driver democracy? Because democracy is about choice and ownership of the information you create.. It’s about having choice on how you engage and having the right to do things an easier way if it makes sense, not being pigeon holes into buying a system that is expensive, clunky and is complete overkill.

Democracy is about YOU. And you know what rhymes with YOU? - ‘Q’! ‘Q’ by Quallogi is an electronic work diary (ewd). Q, let’s YOU - the truck driver or fleet manager enjoy a smooth and paper-free ride! Seriously… not joking! It also has next-gen GPS and much more - all for a funny-low price!