Taking the leap into the world of electronic PreStarts

Taking the leap into the world of electronic PreStarts

A PreStart Checklist is a Safety Checklist that can be completed on any piece of equipment, prior to the commencement of work. This will ensure that your equipment is safe and ready to use. For truck drivers, it is important to complete daily PreStart  Checklists on their trucks or trailers before hitting the road. Completing PreStart Checklists has proven to increase safety performance by reducing the chance of an accident occurring, and minimising equipment failure.  

PreStarts ensure that your truck and trailer are safe to hit the road.

Completing a PreStart Checklist can help you quickly identify any potential issues, damages or faults with your truck or trailer. This allows you to notify your team of any risks, rectify any problems and undertake necessary maintenance on time. 

So what should be included on your PreStart Checklist? 

At Quallogi we provide an electronic baseline checklist for both trucks and trailers. However as the needs of a truck, trailer and company differ, we like to provide our customers with the freedom to customise their Electronic PreStart with their unique requirements. Our baseline form is an easy to use low-code/no-code tool that allows you to add or remove items as needed and allows you to customise your PreStart Checklist.

Making the transition to an Electronic PreStart Checklist, has made it easier for fleet managers to ensure that all of their vehicles are in the best shape possible, whilst also keeping their employees and customers safe. With Quallogi, you can be notified in real time if a vehicle has a fault or a defect, allowing you to make any necessary service and maintenance arrangements to get that vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

With Quallogi, all of your PreStarts are stored in ‘Q-Control’, our web based portal. This enables fleet managers to refer back to past records whenever they need to. With ‘Q-Control’ you can monitor your driver performance, maintenance records, reported faults and more.  Having this information to refer back to, saves not just lives, but also  thousands of dollars - by preventing maintenance or fatigue related accidents. 

The aim of PreStarts is to ensure the trucks and trailers that are on Australia’s roads are as safe as possible. Making the transition to Electronic PreStarts makes the process even easier by: 

  • Reducing paperwork
  • Easily stored and retrievable data
  • Legible truck and trailer checklists 
  • Customisable and vehicle specific checklists

Pairing your Electronic PreStarts  with an Electronic Work Diary gives you the complete Safety Package. So why not try ‘Q’ for free today!