Terminating the 'status-quo' - James Cameron

Terminating the 'status-quo' - James Cameron

Welcome back to Q’s “Famous Truckies”. Our second Truck-Driving Celeb is James Cameron. Before successfully directing movies like Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Aliens, Titanic and Avatar, James was a lorry driver.

Here at Quallogi we talk a lot about “democratising and empowering the driver”

For years the industry has questioned how well the driver is considered within the transport supply chain. 

Delivering value to drivers, focusing on their well-being and helping them meet their daily struggles both in cabin and out of cabin is a key mantra of Quallogi -  Q has been designed to change the engagement between driver and technology. 

Q revolutionises the way the transport industry uses technology in the cabin. It's the first Android and IOS EWD and very soon it will be one of the first standalone BYOD (bring your own device) GPS tracking platforms in the market. 

It is designed to help the driver through work automation, easy processes and time-saving workflows, at a price that doesn't break the bank.

Every truck-driver in Australia has a smart-phone - so why use paper? Mobile Applications will continue to impact all areas of business - so why not adopt it in heavy transport?

It takes away the pain of paper-work-diaries and even reminds the driver to take a rest break when due.

Q has a next gen GPS and even a baked-in Covid-19 declaration form. You name it - Q has it.

Q makes CoR easy and pain free and shifts the industry focus towards helping the individual to meet their legal requirements and step into the world of technology without the high upfront costs

Q is designed with a human-first mindset. The driver comes first and the truck second.

Are you struggling with too much paperwork? Did you consider switching to an approved ewd?

Would you like to learn more about an electronic logbook that is an NHVR approved EWD? Did you know that the ewd price is cost effective and using an electronic work diary is easy and convenient?