The hidden cost of a written work diary

The hidden cost of a written work diary

Paper log books, or Written Work Diaries (WWD) may appear cheaper than Electronic Work diaries (EWD) on face value -  $26 for 100 shifts vs 50 cents per shift for Q by Quallogi’s Q-EWD. However, the true cost is more than just the amount charged to your credit card. 

The most significant cost of a paper diary is the retention of records. Legally WD records need to be stored for 3 years. So, let’s say, on average, you or your drivers use 3 log books per year, that's 21 log books to store for 3 years. And many  fleets will have to do this for multiple drivers -  which means that they would be storing  hundreds of books in an already small office space.

Quallogi’s web based portal has been designed to alleviate this problem for good. Q-Control keeps all your records electronic, and removes the stress of losing important information. With “Q” you can log into your account from any device and have all your data at your fingertips.

The costs of a WWD really adds up when you consider who has to check these logbooks for breaches. For owner drivers, typically, it would be themselves or a family member. That means - manually adding up all the work and rest hours and checking the spelling of all the destinations just to avoid fines. Some fleets have staff whose daily task is to review and check drivers WWD to ensure there are no fatigue breaches because they are obligated to do so under Chain of Responsibility. Avoiding fines can be a costly task within itself, let alone when you actually receive a fine for making a breach.With Q-EWD you will receive real time warning about possible breaches - and you won’t need to spend time reviewing any logbooks - Q does it all for you.

Just imagine the pure cost of convenience. Don’t you hate it when you reach the last page of your logbook and have to drive all the way down to a road authority just to grab another logbook? Or have you ever left your logbook somewhere and couldn’t find it? You will never have that panic moment again with Q, because you can login from anywhere, anytime to retrieve the data you need. Chasing historical records? Easy! - Simply pull up your entries from 7 years through your phone, or if you happen to lose your phone simply log in from another device. With Q you will never have to worry about running out of pages again!

Now that you have considered all the true costs of a WWD it doesn't look that great does it? And cost is only a small part of it, because to Quallogi peace of mind is everything.

To discuss how Quallogi can assist you with making the switch to an EWD today, contact us now at 03 9784 9494 and secure your free trial!