Top 10 Truck stops for a good feed in Australia

Top 10 Truck stops for a good feed in Australia

There is a vast range of things to consider when you are on the road punching out the miles. Next time you're feeling hungry or feeling a little tired, why not stop at a safe place that offers a great feed and is known as a stop worth taking. Quallogi has done the hard work to identify some rest and food stops that are worth clicking on the rest button to take your break at.


  •  The Gold Nugget Roadhouse

Address: 392 Bruce Hwy, Gympie, QLD

Opening Hours: 24/7

Top pick: B Double breakfast

The best part about the ‘Golden Nugget,’ is that it is open 24/7, so no rush to make it before closing! There is ample parking for your truck, so you can easily set up to stay the  night and have a good sleep after your big day and a big dinner. They also serve breakfast 24/7, but why have breakfast when you can have a juicy and delicious steak or burger?. 


  • Hattah Roadhouse 

Address: 3478 Calder Hwy, Hattah, VIC

Opening Hours:

5.30am - 7pm Monday to Friday

8am - 1pm Saturday

8am - 5pm Sunday

Top pick: Cheeseburger

Walking through the doors at Hattah Roadhouse is like walking into a big hug. The open arm community-feel will have you coming back time and time again. The food is always fresh and served with a warm smile and friendly chat.


  • Corio Bay Roadhouse

Address: 383 Melbourne Road, Corio, VIC

Opening Hours

5am - 5pm Monday to Friday

7am - 5pm Saturday and Sunday 

Top Pick: The Roadhouse Burger

Looks can be deceiving at the Corio Bay Roadhouse. While it looks rundown inside and out the - meals are surprisingly alway fresh. So don’t let your eyes misguide you - because this roadhouse might be just the Oasis your stomach needs… 


  • The Milestone Cafe

Address: Jericho Rd, Moorland, NSW 

Opening Hours: 

6am - 10pm Monday to Friday

7am - 2pm Saturday

10am - 10pm Sunday

Top Pick: Chicken Schnitzel

If you are after a really BIG feed, the ‘Milestone Cafe’ is the place to go! Their jumbo portions and great selection of dishes are guaranteed  to satisfy the greatest cravings of a transport giant! 


  • Hells Gate Roadhous

Address:  Savannah Way, Nicholson, QLD

Opening Hours: 

7am - 8.30pm Everyday


Welcome to the best Roadhouse for desserts! YUM! If you have a sweet-tooth, make sure to stop at ‘Hells Gate Roadhouse’ for your “yummy in my tummy”  sugar fix. 


  • Nullarbor Roadhouse

Address:  Eyre Highway, Nullarbor SA 5690

Opening Hours: 

5.30pm - 9pm Everyday for the Restaurant

Top Pick: The Famous Nullar-Burger 

The Amenities are spotless here at the ‘Nullabor Roadhouse’, and after a long day of driving It is just a great place to stop, rest and restore your energy for the  journey ahead. The food at this restaurant is delicious! However… you better make sure you book before your arrival, as this place is sooo good that it often gets completely  packed!


  •  Erldunda Roadhouse

Address:  Erldunda Roadhouse Stuart Hwy &, Lasseter Hwy, Ghan NT 0872

Opening Hours: 

7am - 9pm daily

Top Pick: Erldunda Mixed Grill

The ‘Erldunda roadhouse’ is the ultimate outback experience. It really is… and you will see it for yourself if you stop at this destination. Just the look and smell of food here will make your mouth water - and just wait until you take your first bite! You will also  enjoy it all while surrounded by outback landscapes and emus! “oh the serenity…”


  •  Lakeland Roadhouse

Address: 7769 Mulligan Hwy, Lakeland QLD 4871  

Opening Hours: 

6am - 8pm daily

6am to 7pm for the kitchen

Top Pick: Lamb Chops

If you are craving a nostalgic, hearty, home cooked meal, then the ‘Lakeland Roadhouse’ is where you want to stop! With an enticing menu, and a great range of food options from the kitchen including even vegan options… Satisfaction guaranteed. 


  •  Belyando Crossing Roadhouse

Address: Gregory Hwy, Llanarth QLD 4820

Opening Hours: 

Mon-Fri 8:30am-4pm 

Sat-Sun 9am-4pm

Top Pick: Big Breakfast

This iconic Roadhouse is your quintessential Australian roadhouse. The serenity is beautiful amongst the Gumtrees! It’s the perfect place to relax and restore yours and your truck fuel supplies! 


  • Kalangadoo Roadhouse and Cafe

Address:  3370 Lake Leake Hwy, Lake Leake TAS 7210

Opening Hours: 

Thursday - Tuesday 9am - 5pm

Wednesday - Closed

Top Pick: Great Coffee


At the ‘Kalangadoo Roadhouse and Cafe,’ you will feel welcome from the moment you step down from your truck. It is a place where the owners will welcome you with open hearts, open arms and a hot home-made style meal, to make you feel at home!!

With a full stomach, and with Quallogi in your pocket, managing  fatigue and compliance is easy! So get ready for some happy burps a few kms ahead…

Quallogi is Australia's preeminent Electronic Work Diary. We are adding heaps of features over the coming months. Some of the forecast features are unique and super cool and don't be surprised if you see a little feature that provides some insight into suggested truck stops and rest areas as you approach the hours counter on your Electronic Work Diary. Imagine if Qualogi does all the thinking for you. Counts time and ensures breaches are controlled, gives you safe places to stop and eat and allows data to be shared privately so that administration is kept to a minimum. Sounds like nirvana right?