Written Work Diaries

Written Work Diaries


Although Written Work Diaries are the most common form of recording work and rest hours they will begin to be phased out in the foreseeable future, because they are hard to manage and administer… and by their very nature are counter productive to driver scheduling and real time compliance auditing.

With the cost of purchasing Written Work Diaries (WWD's) at $25 it may sound cost effective, however taking into consideration the time and money it takes to travel, line up and purchase a Written Work Diary , time and energy can be a significant ongoing additional expense. 

In Victoria the list of venues where Written Work Diaries can be purchased include the following.

Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia all have Written Work Diaries for purchase in various locations that can be found on lists via the links on the NHVR website: https://www.nhvr.gov.au/safety-accreditation-compliance/fatigue-management/work-diary/locations-to-purchase 

These lists contain most locations within each state that Written Work Diaries are available for purchase, but what happens when you need to access one outside of opening hours? Or have no time to drive to one of these locations and line up before starting your job? 

Another major consideration when using a Written Work Diary is managing cross border fatigue. Given that not every state in Australia follows the NHVR fatigue regulations for managing fatigue, it makes the challenges of maintaining correct hours all the more overwhelming. In this scenario having an approved EWD helps with providing assistance with hours based on unique jurisdictions, giving drivers peace of mind as they transition between border crossings.

Electronic Work Diaries

The industry uses "old tech" like paper and pens to manage fatigue , but an alternative way of recording work and rest hours can now be done in an efficient, simple and cost effective manner using approved Electronic Work Diaries. 

These can be downloaded straight to your device and are accessible and affordable from any location. Q by Quallogi has been designed for the masses and made available in App stores to simplify onboarding.

Q by Quallogi’s Electronic Work Diary includes multiple features and benefits that distinguishes it from other EWD’s available in the market. 

  • Available to download and use free for 90 days
  • Looking for Ambassadors to ensure the product is always up to date and works for all driver types
  • Available on Apple IOS and Android for easy download
  • Can extend to replace existing costly electronic systems that use proprietary black box trackers for location tracking and managing CoR
  • No hardware to install, just bring your phone and a cradle, or buy one from the Q shop
  • NHVR approved
  • Super cost effective at less than $15 pm
  • Upgrade the App to get a much higher level of value
  • Hardware options available
  • & much more… 

An EWD by Quallogi not only saves you time and expense but also reduces the hassle of managing paper, letting you get on with your day-to-day job without the inconvenience and wasted energy. 

Electronic Work Diaries vs Written Work Diaries 

While it is evident that using an EWD provides multiple advantages in comparison to a paper work diary, we have demonstrated below by collating and comparing the data from each:

To try the Q by Quallogi EWD for free download it to your device on the App Store or Google Play Store today!